World Eagle Regular Shoe Bag WE-RSB-TH Golf Shoe Case

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Black paisley
Navy emblem
Camouflage green
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■ World Eagle Regular Shoe Bag WE-RSB-TH Firm storage capacity. It can store up to 30 cm men's shoes. * Please note that it may not fit depending on the shape of the shoes. One-point color fabric is used on the side. You can use it with confidence because it is a solid outer fabric (Leather). Also for storing important shoes! Ventilates moisture and Odor inside the shoe bag. Glossy emblem with World Eagle logo & original zipper with World Eagle logo The grip is thickly sewn with surface fabric to make it easy to hold. With the tag of the brand "World Eagle" logo. Large opening! It's easy to put in and take out shoes! (The photo shows 27cm shoes.) The lining is also carefully finished. Sturdy design! The sides are made with a thickness of 10 mm, which is about twice the normal thickness, so you can rest assured. In addition, the shoe bag is self-supporting, making it convenient to carry. Great for gifts and competition prizes. We look forward to your order! Material: Outer fabric PU / Inner fabric Nylon Weight: 360g Color: Red, Blue, Sungreen, Navy emblem, Black paisley, Camouflage Greens: Height 36cm x Width 22cm x Depth 13cm Country of origin: China Please stop using it. * Keep away from hot places and fire. * It does not protect the stored items from impacts such as dropping. Please be careful not to give a strong impact when using. * Please do not put objects with sharp shapes. * Do not swing around by holding the handle. * If Stain, wipe it with a damp cloth and dry it thoroughly before storing. * Please do not leave the product in a car, in direct sunlight, or in a place exposed to light such as fluorescent lights. It may cause fading. * Please do not wash or use this product with an iron. * A digital camera is used for product photography. We do our best to reproduce colors, but it may vary slightly depending on your monitor environment.


Category Golf shoe case, Sports & outdoors, Golf
ManufacturerWORLD EAGLE

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