3 types of ceramide 3 types of hot spring ingredients Liquid bath salt / bath oil / papain enzyme

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Free shipping 3 types of hot spring ingredients with 3 types of ceramide 2022 Spa Tokyo Not only is it a mild bathing agent that does not use coloring agents or fragrances, but it also contains plenty of ingredients that are pleasing to the skin. ? Ceramide is indispensable as an ingredient to make skin. Among them, we have added 3 types of ceramides that protect the skin from dryness and irritation. Ceramide NP, which plays a barrier function in the stratum corneum and is effective for moisturizing and preventing wrinkles, ceramide AP, which promotes skin metabolism as well as moisturizing, and ceramide EOP, which protects the skin from external stimuli, these three ceramides are extremely excellent in moisturizing. I am. We have carefully selected skin-friendly ingredients such as glycine, which removes chlorine, jojoba oil, which has plenty of moisturizing ingredients essential for sensitive skin, and papain enzyme, which cleans dead skin cells. The three hot spring ingredients are also Plats, and when you take a bath, the hot water thickens and you can enjoy a smooth touch. It is a "bathing fee for sensitive skin" created through trial and error for my sister who has weak skin and gets rough with a little stimulus. We have developed it to keep your skin moisturized from the dryness that is the enemy of sensitive skin.


Category Liquid bath salt / bath oil, Beauty
Material ・ Item Papain enzyme
ManufacturerJapan Biochemical Co., Ltd.
Model 3 types of hot spring ingredients
Country of originJapan
Color White

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