Rex-Infinite Jewelry・Glass Whiskey Glass Titanium/Glass

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The pride that lies within our proud aspirations is our own history. From the day you were born, your history begins, overlaps, and continues. Each has its own history, and there are many beliefs. A proud glass that is engraved in the heart because it has a conviction. Size: 90mmxH90mm 265ml 270g Material: Glass/Titanium *This product is not eligible for personalization. Please note. *Paper bags can be purchased from the gift option category. Jewelry and Glass made with the finest Titanium and the best craftsmanship, and Titanium processing that applies space development technology, are stubbornly and carefully created one by one in our own small workshop. Due to his high technical skills, he has gained great support from sake lovers around the world with his own collection while working on works of art and objects around the world. ◆The brilliance of the glass, which is said to "reflect your expression," is attractive. The brilliance of the Titanium mirror changes its expression in many ways. When red wine is poured into the glass, it turns Ruby, and when whiskey is poured into it, the glass turns amber. Let Titanium adjusts the taste and aroma, and the vessel that makes you a little gentler when you put it in your mouth. ◆Reliable function of high-purity Titanium It is "the most human-friendly metal" with strong corrosion resistance equivalent to that of platinum and gold, and high compatibility with the human body. It is said that it is difficult to smell and stain, and it breaks down the unpleasant taste and makes the taste smoother. ◆The color of light played by genuine technology The color of the glass is expressed by the refraction of light, which is the same as the rainbow and aurora, which is called the color of light. =====BRAND HISTORY===== The beginning of the birth begins with a single glass board. Glass specimens that are casually thrown away at production sites. One day, one employee's heart begins to move when he sees the bewitching brilliance. Every day I want many people to know the beauty of the "color of light" that I have never seen before. The joy I received from the glass plate I met at that time was the same as when I drank good wine, and it led to the birth of the glass. Based on the concept of "extraordinary in everyday life", the dining table becomes a special space just by having PROGRESS glasses, and it is a story that makes the taste beautiful from the sight. The story of PROGRESS will continue. made in JAPAN produce by Nissho Kogyo Co., Ltd. For companies that handle a wide range of fields such as satellite parts, art works, apparel, and F-1 related, please refer to the notation based on the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions.


Category Rock glass, Tableware and cutlery
Material ・ Item Titanium , Glass
ManufacturerNissho Industry Co., Ltd.
Model Jewelry・Glass
Country of originJapan
Color Rainbow-colored


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