Pouch Pouch and folding fan set Silk unisex waset-05

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Bundled 3 pouch bags, 1 silk folding fan and 1 charm of an owl. These durable items are made in Japan. Its modernized traditional patterns are popular for Japanese atmosphere. It makes the only one item in the world for using all textile parts are different because of cutting big textiles of Japanese patterns. 1. Pouch bag of modernized Japanese traditional patterns with a handle This gusseted bag is useful. This small pouch bag is also useful as a bag-in-bag for your travel. 1 item. 15.5×4×11㎝ 2. Mesh pouch bag of modernized Japanese traditional patterns You can see the inside of the pouch bag. The breathable item works as a cosmetic pouch. 1 items. 15×12㎝ 3. Drawstring bag of modernized Japanese traditional patterns. This drawstring bag is useful for sorting luggage for your travel and keeping your bag organized. 1 item. 20×24㎝ 4. Folding fan of silk, Sakura Cherry blossom(sakura) is the national flower of Japan. As language of flowers, cherry blossom means "Beauty of spirit" "Grace woman" and "Innocence". 1 item. 21cm 5.Charm of an owl The owl brings good luck in Japanese tradition. Especially, it's a symbol of economic fortune in Japanese belief. 1 item.


Category Pouch, Wallet / Accessories, Fashion_Wallet
Material ・ Item Silk
Country of originJapan

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