Emperor Dragon 18K Push Round Purse Cowhide/Rayon/Leather

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Zip Aroundpurse with a very luxurious and noble design. In China, only the royal family was allowed to use it, and the dragon image is embossed (a technique that floats the part with a heated mold), and it is a wallet with a high design that is stamped with gold foil. There is also a storage capacity with a Zip Around type. Specifications Bill Compartment x 2 Zipper Coin Pocket x 1 Card Slot x 8 Pocket x 4 Outside Pocket x 1 Note * The color and texture of the image may look different from the actual depending on the monitor and device settings. increase.


Category Purse, Wallet / Accessories, Fashion_Wallet
Material ・ Item Cowhide , Rayon , Leather
Model 18K push round
Country of originJapan
Color Yellow


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