Calligraphy Painting/Oil painting/Sumi Japanese paper

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[About Filgate] In today's world where the barriers between the internet and the real world are disappearing, and the traditional business style has changed from "owning to using" as typified by sharing subscriptions, We support activities from the planning of Lamb, a program that can respond immediately to situations that cannot be handled in the form of What is required there is "management sense", "knowledge and experience in online and offline business", and "ability to organically build them". Aiming for IM (Intelligence Marketing) that makes use of on-site wisdom while utilizing the Internet and the track record of being involved in more than 3,000 projects to date, a cooperative system with partners required according to the client's business We continue to challenge the world of new creations that are not bound by preconceived notions.


Category Painting, oil painting, Interior, Interior
Material ・ Item Ink Japanese paper
ManufacturerPhilgate Co., Ltd.
Country of originJapan
Color Black , White


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